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To find out what happens in the office at East Bay Perinatal Chiropractic, please see the services below. All new clients will need to fill out intake and consent forms prior to the appointment. These forms are completed online. When you submit a request or book your first appointment, you will receive an email inviting you to do so.

Of note: I am a perinatal specialist, but I also see men, children and people who are not in the perinatal category. It is my honor to serve everyone.

Thank you.


Chiropractic Care for Adults

Initial visit: 90 minutes. $250. Follow up office visit: 30 minutes, $100. Monthly package visit, $85.

This 90 minute initial visit includes: A deep dive into your life and health so that we can get to know each other and work as partners to help you heal

— Listening. Sometimes just getting it out is the first step to feeling better. I am all ears for everything.

— A physical examination, including orthopedic and neurological tests, so I can find out exactly what is going on. I will assess your posture, check your spine to see which joints are restricted and see which muscles are tight or weak.

— Time to explain everything so you feel informed and empowered.

— A plan. You will leave knowing your next steps towards health and wholeness. You will feel held.

— Please note it is required to have this exam prior to any chiropractic adjustments. This initial appointment can be combined with an adjustment session if you wish  or you can choose to use the time to gather more information or learn some exercises. Please let me know at the time of visit.

Please bring any imaging you may have. Please wear loose clothes that you can move in and don't mind if some oil or lotion gets on them.

I can't wait to meet you!

Follow up office visits, 30 minutes, $100. Monthly Subscription, $85 visit. These include: adjusting the spine and a combination as determined by the needs of your body:  myofascial release for those tight muscles, kinesiology taping, electrical stimulation (TENS type unit), heating pad, postural exercises, therapeutic activities or any questions/clarification/request for education that you request.

Monthly Subscription Option: This is offered for: adult chiropractic adjustment, 30 minute myofascial session, 30 minute postural rehab or 30 minute pelvic floor rehab.

Anything that is normally $100.00 is $85.00 with a monthly subscription where you are charged at the beginning of the month and it entitles you to all of your regularly priced visits of $100.00 at the discounted rate. The credit card is charged at the beginning of the month and a credit is placed on your account for that amount that you can use at any time. If you are unable to use the credit, then it accumulates. You do not ever lose the credits. In signing up for this option, you agree to 12 months of care minimum. This is a monthly investment in your health.

I absolutely love this guy! I took care of his mama while she was pregnant and have been keeping his spine healthy since he was born. He was not posterior like his siblings either! Yea for optimal prenatal spinal alignment!

I absolutely love this guy! I took care of his mama while she was pregnant and have been keeping his spine healthy since he was born. He was not posterior like his siblings either! Yea for optimal prenatal spinal alignment!

Chiropractic Care for kids

Initial visit, 45 mins, $95.

Follow up office visit, $25 (15 min) or $50 (30 min).

Select Pediatric: Complex Case Craniosacral for the 30 minute appointment or Pediatric Wellness Chiropractic Office visit for the 15 minute appointment.

Simple, straight forward wellness care kids are eligible for the shorter appt.

If you child has complex needs: latch issue, palate imbalances, torticollis, colic, GERD, cranial deformity (plagiocephaly/flat head), autism, digestion issues, then please choose the longer appt until your child can transition to the shorter one. 

Children benefit so much from a healthy spine and nervous system. They are little but they are under stress from posture, sleeping positions, falling, interfacing with technology (!) and just being kids and bumping their way through life.

Exam: During the initial visit we discuss any current issues as well as perform a pediatric physical exam including specific orthopedic and neurologic tests to determine next steps towards correcting any problems at hand. This is a very relaxing experience for the child. Parent or guardian consent is required for this visit. The first visit is about getting information and establishing trust and rapport with your child. Any adjustments are very gentle and include some massage. Kids love it.

Adjustment: A very gentle, precise adjustment to the spine to correct any misalignments. Children benefit immensely from being checked and respond very quickly. Perfect for supporting children with issues related to digestion, sleep, behavior, posture, scoliosis, GERD/reflux, torticollis, cranial deformity (plagiocephaly/flat head), latch issues, birth trauma, ear infections, chronic illness, learning challenges, anxiety, learning, and any kind of pain. I utilize craniosacral technique as well as a very gentle tool called an Activator. Infants are seen for free when a family member is under care. 

Initial exam is required for first appointment.

Initial Exam w/adjustment or education: 45 mins, $95
Follow up adjustment: 10-15  minutes, $25

If you've been outside the office and have heard some sounds of 'hurts so good' and 'ohhh, ahhhh' then you know progress is being made. I can go deep to get at those trigger points, tight muscles and stiff joints.

If you've been outside the office and have heard some sounds of 'hurts so good' and 'ohhh, ahhhh' then you know progress is being made. I can go deep to get at those trigger points, tight muscles and stiff joints.

Myofascial release/ Deep Tissue massage/Active release therapy (ART)


Initial myofascial visit and standalone: 30 mins, $100.
Add on increment: 15 mins, $50.

Living under stress (emotional, physical, chemical, postural) causes stress in the body. This stress can result in tight muscles that feel like painful knots. These tight muscles and correlated ligaments, tendons and sheaths become inflamed and do not function correctly. This session can include deep tissue massage to specific myofascial release called Active Release Technique (ART). You will feel deep release and ease in your body again. Perfect if you need to target a specific area of the body. 

Great for adding on to a regular office visit. 

Please note: if you are new to the practice and only want this service, the initial visit is 30 minutes. During this time, we will discuss a brief history and do some orthopedic tests to determine the proper course of action for that day. You do not need to undergo a full chiropractic initial exam for this treatment. 

The add-on increment option is for people who want a longer myofascial session or want to add myofascial work to their regular chiropractic visit.


BARS energy work, chakra tuning

45 mins, $100

This practice is taken from Access Consciousness. It involves inviting your body to release stuck energy and judgments and limitations that may or may not be aware of. The thoughts, feelings and emotions we have create electromagnetic energy in the brain. According to Access there are 32 points on the head that connect to different aspects of your daily life and being. For example, communication, money, sex, relationships, joy, etc. Having these points gently touched allows stuck stuff to be released.

I incorporate chakra tuning forks and tibetan chakra singing bowls to balance your energetic body and decrease stress.

This session is very relaxing and opens up new potential where you are feeling blocked. 


Perinatal Pampering

45 minutes, $135. Does your body need a little love and support? Do your feet hurt and shoulders ache? Hips feeling wonky? Do your neck and low back need some attention?

During this session, I will address whatever is bothering you: Gentle adjusting to the joints that are out of alignment and address the soft tissue with light or deep muscle work if you are up for it. I always work with your preference.

Often the feet hurt, so I can adjust your feet (feels good) and work with the plantar (bottom/sole) so they can adapt better to what you need from them.

Specific stretches and mama-centric rehab to get you tuned up. I check you for diastasis recti (abdominal separation) and get you on track to repairing your core.

I incorporate the Webster Technique for Breech, transverse or posterior aka sunny-side up positions. I utilize some of the techniques from Spinning Babies. I'm trained in the MamaLates method and a Birth Recovery Specialist.

Initial adult exam required before treatment. If you are an established client, then feel free to choose this visit. No extra exam required.

Massage Services, 45 mins, $150 or Monthly Subscription, $135 : This is a slowed-down, less intense version of myofascial release but you get still great results. I can focus on releasing postural tension, doing deep tissue or just helping you relax. This is a bit different from a typical massage as it is done by a chiropractor who has deep awareness of the body and can help you focus on improving form, posture and preventing injury.

Craniosacral Therapy, 60 mins, $200

Craniosacral therapy addresses the underlying tension in the system resulting from restrictions or other dysfunction in the tissues surrounding the brain and spinal cord. These dysfunctions affect the central nervous system and can lead to myriad health issues: pain, headaches, concussion, traumatic brain injury, fibromyalgia, learning disabilities, chronic fatigue, TMJ, ADD/ADHD, back pain, muscle tension, impaired immune function and much more. The treatment involves gentle touch to the skull and sacrum to address the tension in the system and de-torque anything that might be restricting normal flow of the cerebral spinal fluid. This type of session is great for anyone who would like a gentle, effective approach to care who may not otherwise respond well to chiropractic manipulations. The session is an hour long and you will leave feeling better than you came in and a lot more relaxed. Please come in comfortable clothing.