Typical Care Plans: I expect to see you 1-2 times per week while you are having symptoms and then transition your visits out as your health improves. I expect that you will have really good results but healing does not happen overnight. It takes time to get you where you are and time to get your body and habits to support a healthy trajectory. For children, I recommend 2 times per week for one month and then re-evaluate. If you cannot commit to a care plan, it is best to seek care out of this office until you can.

Why are your sessions so long? I get this question a lot particularly from people who have seen other chiropractors for the typical 60 second pop and go visit. The sessions are long because there is a lot (LOT) to do. I incorporate bodywork, craniosacral, myofascial, cupping and extremity work into the chiropractic session.

What type of session should I do? There are some descriptions on the website, so you may want to have a look at those. The standard 30 minute is a good place to start if you have some straightforward complaints. The 45 minute session is for people who want more bodywork or who have some significant body issues to work through. If your baby is breech, transverse or posterior, then you need the 45 minute session. We need the time to do the work. There is no way around this. The 15 minute pediatric visit is for healthy kids who just need a tune up. The 30 minute visit is for all other kids. If your child is ill, has issues or is young (under 5), then we need to go slow and establish rapport and get to craniosacral and craniofacial elements. If your child has tongue tie or latch issues, the 30 minute session is required.

Do you see men? Yes. I see everyone. Everyone can benefit from care. I really like working with men.

Do you accept insurance? No. I provide a superbill that can be submitted to the insurance company for reimbursement.

How do I make an appointment? Please go online to book. If you are unable to find one that works, please call or text me and I can see if I can squeeze you in at the end of the day.

Do you do home visits? Only very occasionally. All of my equipment is in the office, so I prefer to work there. If there is a labor that has stalled or a baby that has experienced birth trauma and cannot safely travel to the office, then yes.

Do you do personal injury or work comp? Typically no personal injury for new patients and likely maybe for current ones. No work comp.

Can I come when I am sick? Sure. Chiropractic care is excellent for the immune system. I also sanitize the table and equipment after you leave.

What should I wear? Please wear comfortable clothes. I like to do bodywork so it is easier if I can get to the body without having to wrangle with jeans and cashmere sweaters, etc. I can use a drape or a sheet on your body if clothing needs to be removed but for the most part, you will stay completely clothed throughout, with the exception of needing to move the shirt to do tissue work on the back.

Can I bring my kids? Sure. Kids are always welcome in the office. There are some toys and coloring books they are welcome to play with. It is a shared office suite so other practitioners are seeing their clients in the adjacent rooms, so it is appreciated if your child is not screaming or otherwise too disruptive. It is usually not an issue at all and I love having your kids in the office. Sundays are good days for rambunctious kids because I am the only one in the office that day. I have a baby swing that we can use, too, as well as an ergo so I can wear your baby while you are getting your kinks worked out.

Who do you not like to work with? I do not like working with people who have no desire to get better. I do not like working with people who cannot commit to care for themselves. I do not like working with people who are flaky. If you are any of these, please see someone else. I pour my heart and soul into my work and your body. Respect your time and body and mine as well.

Professional Organizations and Affiliations: ICPA International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, IATP International Affiliation of Tongue-Tie Professionals, Spinning Babies