Perinatal Chiropractic 

As a perinatal specialist I have the distinct honor and privilege to serve women going through this life-changing transformation during each phase from pre-conception to post-partum.


Look at this gorgeous glowing mama!

Prenatal Chiropractic Care

Receiving chiropractic care and bodywork throughout pregnancy helps the body adapt to the stresses it is under. As the center of gravity changes due to belly growth and relaxin, the body's posture and musculo-skeletal structure changes, too. It is typical to have some discomfort as your body changes, but getting your body 'tuned-up' helps you to feel more comfortable and hopefully prevent sciatica, neck pain, heartburn and carpal tunnel type symptoms.

I utilize gentle adjustments to align the pelvis, hips and spine so your body can do the thing it is designed to do: grow and carry a baby!
I also perform myofascial release, Active Release Therapy (ART), kinsieology taping, deep tissue massage and some energetic modalities to support your body hold the adjustment and help you find ease, balance and results.

I have a special cushion for pregnant women so you can be face down safely which women love and can relax in. 

I have been trained in the Webster Technique which helps get the body symmetrical particularly in the pelvis, hips and low back so your baby can get into a more optimal position (to make birth easier.) This technique is very useful for: breech, transverse, posterior (sunny side up) presenting and even head down babies whose head may be slightly tweaked (acynclitic). 
Bottom line: if your body is wonky then, the baby's home is wonky.  Babies do come out but it is better if they have a balanced straight-shot out and don't have to do some funky ballet moves to reach the finish line hours after they could have been out.  

Immediately after birth

Your body just performed an amazing achievement....and it may be feeling a little sore, a little achy, you might have pulled a muscle and tweaked your back pushing or you may just want to come in and get some attention. I see mamas and babies immediately post-partum to make sure you both  (or the three of you) can adapt to the new normal with as much ease and grace as possible.

It is safe to get adjusted immediately post-partum. Some mamas stop by as they're leaving the hospital or pop in the next day after a home birth. Some women come in while they're in labor to give them the best opportunity to git 'er done as smoothly as possible. Some women call me to attend labor if the labor has stalled out. Getting adjusted in labor to balance the hips and pelvis can help provide the added optimization and neurologic input to get the show on the road. I also can come to the hospital if the baby had a traumatic delivery and the neck got tweaked, shoulder got twisted or was born breech (or for any other reason your mother's intuition tells you that the baby needs to get checked.)

Some typical complaints that bring women in immediately post-partum include: foot pain, nursing neck pain, breast feeding issues, achy snuggle shoulder, sleep difficulties, constipation, lingering back pain from the epidural, headache, tailbone pain, back pain, TMJ jaw pain and just feeling like you've been through an intense experience and want some care and pampering.

I see babies immediately after birth for: latch issues, tongue tie, GERD reflux, torticollis, cranial deformities, hip issues, 'rough exit' issues and just general wellness to make sure the baby getting a great neurologic start in life. Everything is *extremely* gentle. I utilize craniosacral technique and gentle adjusting mostly using one finger. 

It is safe to get adjusted 2 weeks post C-section. Ask me for the C-section handout to get your body feeling better. 

Getting adjusted and receiving loving, skilled bodywork is something you deserve. You can bring your baby and/or other children to the office. There are toys and a baby swing, etc.  Come on down and get some sweetness.


Look at those sweeeeeet kisses! <3 <3 <3 My heart!

Look at those sweeeeeet kisses! <3 <3 <3 My heart!



Ahhh, yes, post-partum is so lovely.

At this stage many moms remark that pregnancy was the easy part and post-partum is tougher on the ol' bod than they'd anticipated. If you factor in carrying the car seat, the baby bag, the baby, all the gear, sleeping in funny positions, being in positions for long periods of time because you can't move or the baby will wake up, bouncing a colicky baby, feeding the baby, wrist pain because the baby is 10 pounds and feels like 20, can't sneeze without peeing on yourself, pelvic floor is painful.....folding tons of laundry, feeling achy all over and just being plain old post-partum and getting used to a new normal. The joys of motherhood. 

Side note: I see dads and other caregivers, too. They really need to be tuned up so they don't too achy and grumpy. 

I see babies at this stage for: sleep issues, constipation, torticollis, teething, ear infections, respiratory illnesses, developmental challenges, latch issues, plagiocephaly (flat head) and GERD reflux. 

Getting adjusted and receiving bodywork post-partum helps to make you feel better in your body, helps your body function better and is basic self-care. 

Feel free to come in absolutely as you are including stinky, feeling frumpy, mentally messy, totally with it (yeah right), with your baby and other kids, depressed, anxious, on medication, struggling, stressed or just whatever you got and however you are. Come take care of yourself and get loved up.


Pre-conception Care

Getting chiropractic adjustments help your body to function more optimally. While there is no 'fertility adjustment' from a basic neurological standpoint, improving nerve function to your organs, tissues and structures can help get a body aligned and working better. Adjustments and body work function on the nervous system which is responsible for your body working as it does. Improving nervous system function leads to better overall function. 

It also helps to decrease anxiety and get the body out of sympathetic 'fight/flight' mode that many women are in due to the stresses of modern living.