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Dr. Janna Hansen

Hello all, here are some biographical bits so you can get to know me better.

I'm a Bay Area native, born in Los Gatos, CA and graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in philosophy.  

 I was introduced to chiropractic when I met a chiropractor, Dr Laura Sheehan at the hospital who asked, "What are you doing here, you are a healer!" When I explained that I wanted to do end of life bioethics she asked if I wanted to help people before they die? and in that moment, my life was changed.

I attended Life Chiropractic College West and graduated Valedictorian. I've completed additional training in prenatal, post-partum and pediatric care and techniques. I am a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. 

I'm trained in the Webster technique which is helpful for getting the body into optimal alignment for birth. It is associated with helping to turn babies that are breech, transverse, posterior presenting (sunny-side up), asynclitic presenting (fetal head coming in pelvis at an unfavorable angle) and just general body alignment for optimal fetal positioning. 

I have two sweet kids, Heidi and Oliver, 5 and 3, and German scientist for a husband.  My kids were born at home with Nova Midwifery. I later worked as an apprentice with Nova Midwifery for 10 months and I loved it but honestly being on call with a chiropractic practice and 2 small children was too stressful for me. Self-care first :-) I did learn a lot and apply that knowledge in my chiropractic practice where it is applicable and within my scope of practice. 

My true passions in my life are my family, chiropractic and birth work.